Crutches inspired by natural human movement 

About Krutch Kinetix Technology

Educare University

Inspired by natural human movement

Krutch Kinetix was developed by Mr. Jesse Daily, co-founder of Daily Healthcare, LLC, while he was recovering from a broken foot. During his 18-week recovery period, Mr. Daily designed his own replacement crutch tips  which replicate human anatomy from the perspective of the human leg and ankle.  Now, Krutch Kinetix offers innovative ambulatory crutch tip accessories for amputees, the Handy-capable, and the injured.  

Replicates motion of the leg and ankle

Unlike other standard mobility devices, Krutch Kinetix offers superior functionality that mimics the human anatomy. The crutch tips reduce stress on the user through use of a shock-absorbing spring.  Additionally, an articulating ball and socket joint allows for an increase in ground contact surface space at almost all angles by self-leveling and the larger non-skid provides traction on a multitude of surfaces